BITUUFU It’s Not A Stunt Nalongo Ann Taylor Bayawukanye ne SalongO SB4 nga abalong bakaweza omwezi | NSONGA ZABWENZI

Media personality Ann Taylor has come forward to address rumors surrounding her recent separation from her husband, YouTuber SB4 Media. Contrary to speculation on social media, Taylor asserts that their breakup is not a publicity stunt; they are genuinely no longer together.

The couple, who were married for over five years, faced challenges in their marriage, particularly their struggles with infertility.


Despite trying for children for four years, they were unable to conceive until last year when they were blessed with twins—a boy and a girl. While many celebrated this joyous occasion, behind the scenes, their relationship was crumbling.

Last week, Taylor took to her social media platforms to announce their separation, emphasizing their commitment to co-parenting their twins. Despite the public’s skepticism, Taylor maintains that their decision to part ways was carefully considered and not made impulsively.

Addressing the speculation surrounding their breakup, Taylor expressed frustration, stating, “I don’t know why people are saying my separation with the father of my children is a stunt. That is the reality of my life; nothing is a stunt in whatever I posted.” She declined to delve into specifics but affirmed the sincerity of her statement.

As Taylor navigates this new chapter in her life, she remains steadfast in her commitment to prioritize the well-being of her children and move forward with honesty and authenticity.


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