“NZE MUNZIJJE MUBIBOZI BYA KENZO” Rema Namakula Sets Boundaries Amidst Persistent Associations

Renowned singer Rema Namakula bravely voices her frustration at the ongoing association of her name with constant conflicts, signaling a desire to reclaim her narrative in the music industry.

Expressing her vexation, Rema highlights how this continuous linking diminishes her talent and achievements, undermining her contributions to the music scene.


Furthermore, she candidly addresses the weariness she feels towards inquiries about her past romantic relationships, particularly with her former fiancé, Eddy Kenzo.

Rema asserts her stance on moving forward, leaving behind the gossip and drama that have overshadowed her personal life.

In a resolute stance, Rema makes it unequivocally clear that she refuses to engage in social media conflicts or disputes with fellow musicians, prioritizing her artistic prowess above all else.

Emphasizing her commitment to authenticity, Rema pledges to remain true to herself and ignore distractions that do not align with her values.

Her focus firmly resides in the present and the future, determined to carve out a path untainted by the shadows of the past.


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