BAMBI Mutabali wa late Evelyn Lagu bamututte mu rehab, Yatabuka omutwe okuva maama we weyafa

Following the tragic loss of his mother, Evelyn Lagu, Fred Kasavu, her son, has entered a rehabilitation center to address his immediate needs and receive support for his struggles.

Since his mother’s passing, Kasavu has faced significant challenges, grappling with mental health issues exacerbated by the absence of the primary provider in his life.


In the aftermath of Lagu’s funeral, Kasavu’s plight gained attention, particularly as he voiced difficulties in meeting essential household expenses.

In a heartening turn, renowned singer Mesach Semakula extended a helping hand, offering Kasavu employment at his establishment, Papa’s Spot, providing him with an opportunity to earn a livelihood.

With this new job, Kasavu momentarily faded from the public eye as it seemed he was occupied with work and addressing his financial concerns.

However, the profound impact of his mother’s death took its toll, leading Kasavu to turn to substance abuse as a means of coping with his grief and struggles.

Presently, Kasavu is undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation facility, where he is receiving the necessary care and support to overcome his dependence on harmful substances.


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