Shafik yeyafulumya Obutambi bw Pretty Nicole Obwobuseegu, Yasooka Kubuwereza nze” Maama We Pretty Nicole Ayogedde

The family of Emmanuella Musimenta, known by her socialite alias Pretty Nicole, has taken decisive action by filing a police case against a Ugandan man residing in Canada.

This individual, identified only as Shafik, stands accused of leaking private images of the teenager, sparking outrage and legal repercussions.

Reportedly, Shafik and Nicole were romantically involved for several months until a recent dispute led him to release the compromising videos online. The severity of the situation prompted law enforcement to press charges of child pornography against the suspect.

In a revealing interview, Pretty Nicole’s mother disclosed the distressing events that transpired following Shafik’s actions. She recounted how Shafik, in a calculated move, contacted her with threats to expose her daughter to the public eye.

Allegedly fueled by jealousy upon discovering Nicole’s involvement with another man, Shafik also expressed discontent over discussions involving him and certain relatives of Nicole in various media interviews.

Recalling the chilling conversation, Nicole’s mother shared, “He demanded that Emma, Nicole’s cousin, cease her interviews, warning of blackmail against my daughter if his demands weren’t met.”

She further elaborated on Shafik’s claims that these interviews tarnished his reputation with his superiors in Kampala, coupled with his possession of numerous private videos featuring Nicole, which he threatened to release.

The situation took a devastating turn when, to her dismay, Nicole’s mother received five nude videos of her daughter from Shafik one night.

Overwhelmed with shock and anguish, she tearfully recounted her desperate attempts to dissuade Shafik from releasing the videos, only to be met with callous disregard.

This distressing ordeal underscores the urgent need for legal recourse and protection against malicious acts of exploitation and betrayal. As the legal proceedings unfold, the family of Pretty Nicole remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice and accountability for the harm inflicted upon their


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