Family Seeks Custody of Rango Tenge Tenge from Content Manager

Reports have emerged indicating a significant shift in the management of online sensation Rango Tenge Tenge. The family of the young content creator has reportedly made the decision to remove him from the stewardship of his current handler and content manager, Michael, who has been instrumental in steering his social media presence and directing the creation of his viral videos.

According to sources, the family believes they possess the capability to take over the responsibilities previously handled by Michael, including the production of various video content that has garnered widespread attention.


Prior to Michael’s involvement, Tenge Tenge faced the challenges typical of a struggling content creator. However, under Michael’s guidance, he experienced a meteoric rise to fame, particularly on platforms like TikTok, where he has amassed a substantial following.

Central to Tenge Tenge’s online success is his signature “Tenge dance,” which has captured the imagination of audiences worldwide and inspired countless imitations.

Moreover, Tenge Tenge has attracted collaborations with notable entertainers, including Nigerian singer Ric Hassani. His talent has even garnered recognition from international figures like US singer Chris Brown, who have publicly expressed admiration for his work.

With this shift in management, the trajectory of Tenge Tenge’s online journey is poised for a new chapter, as his family takes the reins in shaping his digital presence and continuing to captivate audiences with his unique brand of content.


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