Momo19 ne Daxx Kartel Omulyeluba Bazadde abalongo

Social media is abuzz with adorable photos of babies as fans speculate about the recent developments in the life of celebrity couple Momo19 and Daxx Kartel.

The pair, who tied the knot in 2021 after a seven-year courtship, faced a publicized breakup shortly after their wedding, with Momo19 even expressing her readiness to return the dowry.


However, the couple reconciled and decided to give their relationship another chance, focusing on rebuilding their bond away from the limelight.

Following the tumultuous period, Momo19 maintained a low profile on social media, choosing to keep her personal life private and concentrate on nurturing her marriage.

Amidst rumors of her pregnancy circulating for the past nine months, it’s now been revealed that Momo19 has welcomed twins.

Despite the joyous occasion, neither Momo19 nor Daxx Kartel has made any official statements regarding the birth or pregnancy, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates on their growing family.


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