KALEMEDE MUNDA!! couple stuck together during lodge

On Thursday evening, an extraordinary occurrence unfolded at Jojo Bar and Lodge, drawing crowds of curious spectators and prompting police intervention.

The individual involved, a 38-year-old driver hailing from Kawolo in Lugazi Municipality, Buikwe District, had rendezvoused with his partner from Buwenge Town Council for a romantic getaway.


Reports indicate that the man had journeyed to Buwenge the previous day to reunite with his significant other, spending the night together at a local lodge.

However, what was intended to be a romantic interlude took a bizarre turn when the couple found themselves inexplicably stuck together.

Witnesses recount that the distressed pair cried out for assistance, but their pleas initially went unnoticed by neighbors who assumed it was typical lodge commotion. It wasn’t until the following morning, when their cries grew more urgent, that attention was drawn to their plight.

A gathering swiftly formed, captivated by the uncommon spectacle, prompting the eventual involvement of law enforcement.

James Mubi, spokesperson for the Kiira Region Police, disclosed that the couple was promptly transported to Buwenge Health Centre IV for medical attention before being transferred to Buwenge Central Police Station for further investigation.

This incident echoes a similar occurrence in the area the previous year, involving a taxi driver and his companion who also found themselves in a similarly perplexing predicament.

While such incidents may seem fantastical, it’s worth noting that cases of couples becoming physically “stuck” together, known medically as *** captivus, while rare, are not entirely unheard of and are often steeped in traditional folklore and superstition.


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