“Salongo wange SB4 nsonyiwa sitani yankema and I was stressed” Anne Taylo Yetondedde SB4 Media

Anne Taylor and Rogers Ssebunya, popularly known as SB4 Media, have rekindled their relationship after a period of separation, dispelling rumors of a split that circulated in recent weeks.

In a heartfelt moment captured during a shared meal, Anne Taylor humbly sought forgiveness from SB4, attributing their temporary separation to stress and personal struggles.


“I take full responsibility for the recent turmoil, and I want to apologize to everyone, especially to you, Ssalongo,” Anne expressed, acknowledging her role in the upheaval.

While Anne previously confirmed their separation in a candid interview, she opted not to delve into details, emphasizing her preference for honesty over dramatics.

In a recent video posted on SB4’s channel, Anne expressed her remorse for the turmoil caused by their separation, albeit admitting to still feeling unsettled.

SB4, in a display of understanding and grace, reassured Anne of his forgiveness, redirecting his frustration towards those who celebrated their relationship’s challenges.

“How could I ever hold resentment towards you after all we’ve shared?” SB4 expressed, condemning the negativity surrounding their reconciliation. “It’s disheartening to see people revel in the misfortunes of others instead of celebrating love and unity.”

Anne Taylor, born Anna Kyamulabi Mayanja, introduced SB4 to her family in 2020, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. Her departure from Bukedde TV in 2022 to join Sanyuka TV signaled a new chapter in her career, while SB4 continues to uplift others through his YouTube channel, SB4 Media, which has become a platform for sharing inspiring human interest stories.

The reunion of Anne Taylor and SB4 Media serves as a testament to the power of forgiveness, understanding, and the enduring strength of love amidst life’s challenges.


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