Martha Mukisa’s Journey Through Depression After Her Freedom City Concert Disappointment

In the wake of her concert’s underwhelming turnout at Freedom City on Friday, May 12, 2023, singer Martha Mukisa initially portrayed an image of contentment during media interactions, proclaiming her concert a success and vowing to make it an annual event.

However, behind the facade of confidence, Martha was grappling with inner turmoil. The singer recently disclosed her battle with depression, shedding light on the true impact of the disappointing turnout for her debut concert titled “Sisaaga.”


Reflecting on her ordeal during an interview on Urban TV on February 19, 2024, Martha candidly shared her struggle, admitting to sinking into depression due to the sparse attendance and the harsh criticism on social media, compounded by financial losses incurred during concert preparations.

“I was disheartened by the lack of turnout at my inaugural concert. The negative feedback on social media and the financial setbacks plunged me into depression,” Martha revealed.

The toll of the experience led Martha to halt her music releases as she focused on her mental well-being, retreating from the limelight to recuperate from the shock.

With the support of loved ones, Martha embarked on a journey of healing, gradually overcoming her depression. Now, she emerges stronger, poised to reclaim her place in the music industry.

“I received immense support from those around me, which aided in my recovery. Today, I stand resilient and ready to share my music once again. I am excited to release my upcoming album featuring three new songs, and I hope they resonate with my audience,” Martha expressed.

In a heartfelt message to those battling depression, Martha emphasized the importance of seeking support and opening up about one’s struggles, highlighting the role of communication in the healing process.

As Martha prepares to reintroduce her music to the world, her story serves as a testament to resilience and the transformative power of overcoming adversity.

One contributing factor to the low turnout at Martha’s concert was the lingering fear stemming from a tragic stampede at a New Year’s event in 2023, which claimed lives and instilled apprehension among potential attendees.


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