Mee Nakie Jullian: Unveiling the Soulful Voice Behind the Gospel Sensation and the “The Hymn Experience”

If you’ve attended any of the vibrant gospel concerts in town, chances are you’ve been moved by the soul-stirring voice of Nakie Jullian. Born Julian Nakatto, this talented singer has been gracing the gospel music scene since 2009, and now she opens up about her journey in music and her personal life in an exclusive interview with Esther Oluka.

How come we haven’t heard much about you as a gospel artist?  Julie responds with humility, “Probably because I haven’t aggressively promoted my music. But I believe that with time, more people will come to know me.”

Julie’s musical journey began in 2009 with the release of “Omukwano gwa Yesu.” Over the years, she has blessed her fans with uplifting songs like “Ntunula” (2012), “Biribyange” (2013), “Kamuwane” (2013), and “Tukutendereza” (2014).


In addition to her solo projects, Julie has collaborated with fellow artists on tracks such as “Nazuula Oyo” with Isaac Morgan, “Kankwagale” with Abra Were, and “It Is Well” with Pamela Ssenyonga, all released in 2013.

Curious about her stage name, Esther asks, “Why did you settle for the name Nakie Jullian?”

Julie chuckles, “I got the nickname Nakie  from home. Being part of a family with three pairs of twins, distinguishing each of us was a challenge. To avoid confusion, everyone started calling me Nakie, while my other sisters are referred to by their Christian names.”

Beyond her music career, Julie is a wedding planner and a part-time fashion designer, showcasing her diverse talents.

However, being a gospel artist comes with its challenges, as Julie reveals. Financial constraints often hinder recording efforts, and the pressure to consistently meet high expectations weighs heavily on her. Yet, she remains grounded, acknowledging her humanity and imperfections.

When asked about her songwriting process, Julie shares insights into the collaborative effort between artists and producers, highlighting the meticulous nature of production.

Despite the challenges, Julie finds fulfillment in her music career. She earns varying amounts from performances, charging between Shs100,000 to Shs500,000 for concerts and up to Shs1m for private functions, depending on the venue.

Recording a song can take anywhere from a few hours to two months, depending on its complexity. Julie draws inspiration from personal experiences, often collaborating with songwriters Moses Ssozi and Godfrey Ssenyonjo.

Married with four children, including a pair of twins, Julie finds strength and inspiration in her family. When it comes to musical influences, she admires a diverse range of artists, including Judith Babirye, Pastor Wilson Bugembe, and Cece Winans.

In conclusion, Julie Nakie is more than just a gospel artist; she’s a testament to perseverance, faith, and the power of music to uplift souls. Her journey continues to inspire and her voice continues to resonate with audiences far and wide.


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