Unveiling Derrick Noah Luggya, The Alleged Assassin Behind the Killing of Buganda Kingdom Clan Head Bbosa

Edward Ssenkumba, the Local Council Chairman of Bulange A Zone Lubaga Division, a suburb of Kampala City, sheds light on the life of one of the alleged assassins involved in the killing of Omutaka Eng. Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa, the head of Buganda Kingdom’s Endiga (Sheep) clan, revealing startling details.

In an exclusive interview, Ssenkumba disclosed that one of the assassins, currently fighting for his life in Mulago Hospital, is a resident of his Zone.


Narrating the events, Ssenkumba recalled how the suspect, known as Derrick, approached him seeking assistance in processing documents for managing his mother’s estate.

However, suspicions arose when Derrick seemed intent on obtaining Powers of Attorney to sell his mother’s properties without considering other siblings. Despite Ssenkumba’s conditions for assistance, Derrick never returned, leaving questions unanswered.

Identified as Derick Noah Luggya by Police Commissioner Fred Enanga, the alleged assassin remains under tight surveillance at Mulago Hospital, guarded by over 20 commandos to prevent escape attempts.

Ssenkumba further revealed Derrick’s purported involvement in criminal activities, commanding a gang terrorizing areas in Mengo, Kisenyi, and Lungujja. Derrick’s extravagant lifestyle, allegedly funded by questionable means, including clubbing and relationships with married women, raised eyebrows in the community.

Regarding the tragic incident, Ssenkumba recounted how Bbosa, a longtime friend, expressed concerns about his safety before his untimely demise. Despite surviving a poisoning attempt and facing legal challenges, Bbosa’s death shocked many.

Peace Nambaale, Bbosa’s granddaughter and witness to the attack, recounted the harrowing moments leading to his death. Traveling from a clan ceremony in Mukono, they were ambushed by assailants on a bodaboda, resulting in Bbosa’s fatal injuries.

The tragic event underscores the dangers faced by public figures and the complexities surrounding their security. As investigations continue, the community mourns the loss of Bbosa while grappling with the unsettling realities of violence and crime.


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