Unveiling the Truth: The Mystery Surrounding Sheebah’s Pregnancy

Formerly known as the unstoppable force behind “Team No Sleep,” Sheebah Kalungi is now reportedly embarking on a new chapter of her life as she anticipates the arrival of her first child.

Speculation arose after Sheebah shared a video on her social media platforms, where she joyfully danced, revealing what appeared to be a baby bump.


Known for her guarded privacy regarding personal matters, Sheebah has kept her romantic life largely under wraps. The identity of her partner remains a mystery, as she has never publicly disclosed details of her relationships.

Rumors once circled around her former manager, Jeff Kiwa, but neither Sheebah nor Jeff have addressed these speculations or any romantic involvement between them.

Following her separation from Jeff Kiwa, Sheebah expressed frustration towards men, citing their behavior as a source of her discontent. Despite this, she expressed a desire for motherhood, albeit uncertain of how she would navigate this journey without a willing partner.

Now, with reports of her pregnancy circulating, rumors speculate about potential involvement from fellow artists. However, the veracity of these claims remains uncertain, as neither Sheebah nor any confirmed source has confirmed her pregnancy.

As the buzz continues, Sheebah Kalungi’s journey towards motherhood remains a topic of intrigue and speculation, leaving fans eager to learn more about this new chapter in her life.


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