I Have No Problem With Someone Who Bleaches Their Skin – Precious Remmie

Media luminary and actress Precious Remmie recently voiced her acceptance of individuals who opt to bleach their skin, emphasizing the importance of personal choice in such matters. She emphasized that everyone has the right to pursue what they desire, without judgment from others.

In Uganda, those who bleach their skin often confront societal stigma. Nevertheless, many stand firm in their decision, expressing satisfaction with their transformed appearance. Some even describe it as fulfilling a long-held aspiration of attaining lighter skin tone.


For Remmie, being of dark complexion herself, she sees no personal inclination towards skin bleaching. However, she maintains a stance of indifference towards those who choose to do so, asserting their entitlement to make such decisions freely.

“As a dark-skinned person, I have no problem with someone who comes out and bleaches. Like I always say, everyone is entitled to what they want,” she remarked.

It’s worth noting that celebrities who have undergone skin bleaching often discuss the financial and physical costs involved.

Figures like Full Figure have openly shared their experiences, with some ultimately discontinuing bleaching due to its adverse effects on their skin.

Full Figure, for instance, has expressed contentment in returning to her natural skin tone and renounced any future bleaching endeavors.

Conversely, others, such as Bad Black and Prima Kardashi, embrace their newfound lighter complexion with comfort and confidence.


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