“I was Treated Like a Chicken Thief Lydia Jazmine’s Concert” Grenade Official Opens Up About Concert Snub

During a recent live TV interview, singer Deus Nduggwa, known as Grenade Official, shared his experience of being turned away from Lydia Jazmine’s “First Born” concert, held on March 1st at Hotel Africana.

Expressing his disappointment, Grenade revealed that he and his crew were denied entry by the show promoter, despite intending to show support and perform his collaboration with Lydia Jazmine.


“It’s disheartening to see promoters disrespecting musicians at concerts. Organizing an artist’s show and then segregating them from fellow artists is unacceptable.

I felt humiliated that night. I arrived with my team, expecting to perform, only to be told I couldn’t bring them along.

It’s absurd. I was even supposed to be next on stage when I was abruptly sidelined. My team and I were escorted out, and hearing Lydia sing our collaboration without me left me feeling terrible,” Grenade Official expressed.

While some have cautioned Grenade against expecting free entry to concerts, he stressed that artists deserve respect and fair treatment. He hinted at the possibility of artists organizing their own shows and boycotting such promoters if necessary.

The incident underscores the importance of fostering mutual respect and professionalism within the music industry, ensuring that all artists receive the recognition and support they deserve.


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