Band singer Catherine Kusasira, beloved by many for her melodious voice and vibrant performances, is now in need of our collective prayers and support.

Recently, it was announced on her social media platforms that she is scheduled for heart surgery abroad due to complications arising from fat deposits obstructing her heart, leading to breathing difficulties.


The news has understandably sparked concern and empathy among her fans and well-wishers. Kusasira, known for her resilience and spirited performances, now faces a challenging time requiring utmost care and medical attention. The decision to undergo surgery underscores the severity of her condition and the importance of timely intervention.

As she prepares for this critical procedure, the outpouring of support from her fans, friends, and the music community serves as a source of strength and encouragement.

The power of collective prayers and positive energy cannot be understated in times of adversity, and it is evident that Kusasira has an army of supporters rallying behind her.

At Howwe, we join in solidarity with Catherine Kusasira, sending our heartfelt prayers and best wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

May she find comfort and solace in the love and support surrounding her during this challenging period. Let us keep her in our thoughts and prayers, wishing her strength and resilience on her journey towards healing.


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