“I Never Wanted To Live” – Dr Jose Chameleone’s Wife Daniella Atim Opens Up

Daniella Atim, the wife of renowned singer Dr. Jose Chameleone, has opened up about her harrowing past, revealing a period where she struggled to find the will to go on.

Despite her inner turmoil, she bravely took to Instagram, sharing a stunning photo of herself along with a poignant caption: “The bravest thing I ever did was rebuild myself when I did not even want to live.” Her words hint at the depths of despair she once faced, suggesting a profound struggle with the desire for existence.



Following her relocation to the United States with her four children, Daniella Atim has been candid in her revelations about the challenges within the Mayanja family, including strained relations with her mother-in-law, Prossy Mayanja.

Notably, Daniella has hinted at experiences of domestic abuse, shedding light on her past struggles. Her outspokenness was further fueled by allegations of violence against her brother-in-law, Weasel, by his girlfriend, Sandra Teta. Daniella asserted that such incidents were not isolated, implying a pattern of abuse.

Despite the shadows of her past, Daniella has emerged as a transformed individual, embracing a newfound lease on life. She appears to have shed the weight of past hardships, embodying resilience and vitality.

Yet, amid her journey of self-discovery, questions linger about the status of her relationship with Chameleone. While the Leone Island boss makes occasional visits to the US to spend time with their children in the house he purchased, he has notably refrained from sharing photos with Daniella on social media during these visits.

As Daniella Atim continues to navigate her path toward healing and renewal, her story serves as a testament to the power of inner strength and resilience in overcoming adversity.


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