There is nothing Zari can teach me apart from dating young boys – Zahara Totto

In the realm of celebrity feuds, few are as enduring as the verbal battle between media personalities Zahara Totto and Zari Hassan. With each passing exchange, it becomes increasingly apparent that their rivalry may never see resolution.

The latest skirmish in this ongoing saga saw Zahara Totto directing her criticism towards Zari Hassan’s penchant for dating younger men. In her pointed remarks, Zahara hinted that Zari’s romantic choices might stem from a desire to reclaim lost opportunities from her youth.


Interestingly, Zahara chose the backdrop of International Women’s Day to voice her opinions, framing her critique within the broader context of the challenges faced by women.

This strategic timing added weight to her commentary, amplifying its impact on their already contentious relationship.

As the verbal volleys continue to fly between these two media personalities, it remains to be seen whether they will ever find common ground or if their feud will persist indefinitely, captivating audiences and keeping gossip columns ablaze.


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