Juliana kanyomozi praises Bobi Wine for saving her music career

Juliana Kanyomozi extends her eternal gratitude to Bobi Wine for providing her with a breakthrough song that transformed her career. Their collaboration marked a pivotal moment in Juliana’s journey from a presenter at a city media house to a mainstream music sensation.

Their encounter occurred during Bobi Wine’s promotional visit to the media house, where Juliana was working as a presenter. Despite having songs primarily in English, Juliana caught Bobi Wine’s attention, leading to a candid conversation that sparked the idea of collaborating on a project.


Together, Bobi Wine and Juliana entered the studio, giving birth to the smash hit “Taata Wa’baana,” which dominated the airwaves and propelled Juliana into the spotlight.

Buoyed by the success of their collaboration, Juliana defied skeptics and continued to push boundaries. Their subsequent project, “Mama Mbire,” further showcased Juliana’s talent and versatility, dispelling any notions of luck.

With the guidance of veteran songwriter Silver Kyagulanyi, Juliana delivered yet another classic hit, “Nabikoowa,” solidifying her position in the music industry.

Inspired by the triumph of “Nabikoowa,” Juliana made the bold decision to prioritize her music career, bidding farewell to her radio presenting duties and fully embracing her passion for music.


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