“NZE SETABA MUNTALO ZAMBWA” Suzan Makula Responds to Criticism

Suzan Makula, the wife of controversial city pastor Aloysius Bugingo, has chosen a path of resilience in the face of criticism, declaring that she will not dignify haters with a response.

Firm in her resolve, she asserts that she will not entertain negativity from individuals who do not contribute positively to her life.


Makula’s journey into the public eye was met with a barrage of criticism, particularly following her marriage to Pastor Bugingo, which was blamed for the dissolution of his previous 20-plus years of marriage.

Despite the backlash, Makula has remained steadfast, continuing her relationship with the pastor without directly addressing the allegations hurled at her.

Even as other pastors have called her out, urging her to leave Bugingo, Makula has chosen silence in response. Dismissing them as “haters” and likening them to “dogs,” she refuses to engage in verbal sparring that could diminish her own integrity.

“I will never respond to people who throw hate at me at any point. I have heard even pastors attack me but the only thing I can say about it is that those are dirty dogs. And I don’t want to dance with dirty dogs, I might end up being like one of those dogs,” Makula asserted.

Amidst the controversies surrounding her relationship with Pastor Bugingo, it’s worth noting that even when Bugingo’s former wife refused to divorce him, Makula proceeded with a local introduction ceremony with Bugingo, indicating her commitment to their relationship despite external scrutiny.

Makula’s dignified response to adversity serves as a testament to her strength and character, demonstrating the power of grace in the face of adversity.



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