“Stop accusing me of stealing ‘Mabaati, Even Mpuuga And Other Bobi Wine NUP MPs Share Government Money” Prime Minister Nabbanja Speaks Out

Amidst the jubilant atmosphere of the silver jubilee celebrations at St. Jude Lukaya Parish in Kalungu District, the presence of several prominent leaders from Kampala and Greater Masaka added a layer of significance to the occasion.

Led by the Diocesan Bishop of Masaka, Serverus Jjumba, the mass was a testament to the enduring strength of the Catholic community.


Among the dignitaries in attendance were Minister Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Joel Ssenyonyi, Catherine Ndiwalana, and Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.

However, the harmonious spirit of the event was momentarily disrupted when the microphone passed into the hands of the political leaders.

In a video circulating on social media, opposition leader Joel Ssenyonyi seized the opportunity to raise concerns about alleged corruption within the government, singling out Prime Minister Nabbanja for criticism.

Referring to a scandal involving roofing materials (known locally as ‘Mabaati’), Ssenyonyi accused Nabbanja of involvement in corrupt practices that could undermine the stability of President Museveni’s administration.

Responding to the allegations with palpable frustration, Prime Minister Nabbanja vehemently denied any wrongdoing, emphasizing her commitment to integrity and transparency.

Dismissing the accusations as baseless, she urged her detractors to refrain from tarnishing her reputation with unfounded claims.

Nabbanja’s tenure as Prime Minister has been marred by controversy, including her alleged involvement in the Mabaati scandal, which rocked the Prime Minister’s Office earlier in the year.

Despite calls for accountability, Nabbanja has maintained her innocence, asserting that she has never misappropriated public funds or resources.

The Mabaati scandal, along with other instances of alleged corruption, has cast a shadow over the government’s efforts to address pressing issues such as poverty and infrastructure development.

With key figures facing legal repercussions for their actions, the need for accountability and transparency within the government has never been more apparent.

As the silver jubilee celebrations come to a close, the community of St. Jude Lukaya Parish finds itself at a crossroads, balancing the joy of commemoration with the sobering realities of political discord and controversy.

In the spirit of unity and resilience, they reaffirm their commitment to upholding values of honesty, integrity, and justice in the face of adversity.


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