Renowned designer Kaijuka Abbas has lauded singer Rema Namakula for her exemplary dedication to fashion, urging Ugandan artists to emulate her commitment.

Abbas emphasized that Namakula stands out for her unwavering focus on her attire choices, ensuring they perfectly reflect her personal style and preferences.


With over eight years in the music industry, Namakula has carved a niche for herself not only through her musical talent but also through her distinctive fashion sense.

Eschewing the trend of skimpy outfits, Namakula consistently showcases outfits that accentuate her figure while maintaining elegance and grace.

Namakula’s fashion choices have consistently captured attention, notably during her marriage to her current husband, where she donned unconventional dresses that sparked conversations.

One such dress, adorned with bulbs and illuminated during the introduction ceremony, captivated audiences and showcased Namakula’s daring style.

Abbas, the mastermind behind the design, revealed that the dress had been meticulously planned for six months leading up to the event, underscoring Namakula’s meticulous approach to fashion.

According to Abbas, Namakula’s confidence in expressing her fashion preferences sets her apart. He commended her fearlessness in articulating her vision for her attire, fostering a collaborative process that ensures the final outcome aligns with her desires.

Encouraging other artists to follow Namakula’s lead, Abbas highlighted the importance of pre-planning and dedicating time to outfit selection before concerts and events. Drawing parallels with fellow artist Sheebah, Abbas emphasized that a proactive approach to fashion simplifies the styling process and enhances the overall presentation.

In conclusion, Abbas emphasized the significance of prioritizing fashion dedication, citing Namakula as a prime example of its transformative impact.

By investing time and effort into their attire, artists can elevate their stage presence and leave a lasting impression on their audiences, much like Namakula continues to do with her unparalleled fashion flair.


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