In a heartbreaking incident on Lake Victoria, the Uganda Police Marine Unit has confirmed the drowning of five individuals after their boat capsized during the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to ASP Antony Amanya, spokesperson for the Uganda Police Marine Unit, the accident was attributed to engine failure and adverse weather conditions.


He further revealed that the ill-fated boat was not in proper condition and lacked the necessary licensing for operation on the lake.

Efforts coordinated with sister security agencies led to the successful rescue of 11 individuals, while three bodies were recovered from the water. However, the search continues for two missing persons.

Amanya emphasized the importance of personal safety, urging the public and all lake users to prioritize wearing life jackets.

He highlighted a critical detail: out of the 16 individuals onboard the boat, those equipped with life jackets were all successfully rescued, while the five who lacked them tragically lost their lives.

Furthermore, Amanya appealed to boat owners to ensure their vessels are registered and licensed, emphasizing the necessity of meeting the required standards for safe operation on the lake.

Eyewitness Stephen Mulaje recounted the harrowing incident that unfolded around 4 am, indicating suspicions of engine failure compounded by adverse weather conditions as the likely cause.

The ill-fated boat was en route from Bussi Island in Wakiso District to Nakiwogo landing site when the tragedy occurred.

This unfortunate event echoes a similar tragedy from the previous year, where 20 individuals drowned when their boat capsized near Kasenyi Landing Site in Katabi Town Council on Lake Victoria.


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