“My Ex-Boyfriend Was So Broke But Always Wanted to Show Off as Rich”- Sasha Brighton Exposes Shonga

In a recent interview, the celebrated singer Sasha Brighton Kalungi has bravely shed light on the factors that led to the dissolution of her romance with former partner Habib Shonga, a socialite known for his extravagant lifestyle aspirations.

The “Kawoomera” artist opened up candidly, revealing that financial disparities were a key factor in the downfall of their relationship.

Sasha Briton

According to Sasha Brighton, Shonga’s desire for opulence clashed with the harsh reality of his financial status, ultimately becoming a major deal-breaker.

As the couple navigated the complexities of their bond, Sasha Brighton discovered that Shonga was living quite a distance from Kampala. In a gesture of generosity, she invited him to share her rented home, incurring a cost of Shs800k.

The songstress explained that her earnings from performances went towards covering various shared expenses, including rent, fuel, groceries, and other necessities arising from their communal lifestyle.

The tipping point came when Shonga, after fervently praying for financial success, received a substantial sum of USD50,000.

Instead of pursuing the entrepreneurial dreams he had spoken of, Shonga opted to upgrade his living standards, leasing a new residence worth Shs1.5m per month. This choice left Sasha Brighton questioning its wisdom.

Upon confrontation, Shonga confessed that the upgraded lifestyle had unforeseen consequences, including involvement with multiple women—a revelation that deeply unsettled Sasha Brighton. Consequently, she made the difficult decision to end the relationship.


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