Chris Banina Clears the Air on Dating Rumors with Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo

Amidst swirling rumors and speculations, local singer Chris Banina has stepped forward to address the whispers surrounding his alleged romantic involvement with fellow singers Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo.

Setting the record straight, Banina emphasized that their relationship is purely platonic, devoid of any romantic or sexual entanglements.


The backdrop of their friendship adds complexity to the narrative, as Lydia and Carol were once inseparable. However, earlier this year, their bond seemed to fracture, evidenced by the removal of each other’s photos on social media and mutual unfollowing. This abrupt separation fueled conjecture among fans, with many speculating that a love triangle might be at the heart of the rift.

Initially, fingers pointed towards Eddy Kenzo as the possible common denominator in their rumored romantic entanglement. Yet, Kenzo refuted these claims, asserting that he had never been romantically involved with either of the singers. Now, the spotlight turns to Chris Banina, with whispers suggesting that he might be the mysterious link between the two.

In response to the mounting speculation, Banina unequivocally denied any romantic involvement with Lydia or Carol, asserting that they are simply friends.

“I have never dated Lydia Jazmine or Carol Nantongo. They are just my friends, and I’m unaware of the reasons behind their separation,” he affirmed, dismissing the circulating rumors as baseless.

Despite being an emerging talent in the music scene, Banina’s striking appearance has garnered attention, making him a magnet for female interest and association. However, he maintains that his interactions with Lydia and Carol are purely platonic, emphasizing that their friendship transcends any romantic affiliations.

As the dust settles on these rumors, Chris Banina’s clarifications shed light on the intricacies of celebrity relationships, highlighting the importance of discerning fact from fiction in the realm of gossip and speculation.


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