ABED KOMYA AKAMANYIIRO!! Lawyer wa Bobi Wine George Musis atute Abed Bwanika Mu Court lwakumwogerako kalebule ngali ku RadioCBS FM

George Musisi, personal lawyer to Bobi Wine, has taken decisive action this Saturday evening by instructing a Kampala law firm to initiate civil proceedings against Dr. Abed Bwanika over defamatory remarks made earlier in the day on Kabaka’s CBS radio, based in Bulange Mengo.

The trouble for Kimanya-Kabonera MP, Dr. Abed Bwanika, began Saturday morning when he accused Musisi of being complicit in a broader NUP party conspiracy aimed at undermining Buganda Kingdom.


Bwanika alleged that Musisi facilitated bloggers and YouTubers to target the Kabaka and other Kingdom officials with defamatory content.

Furthermore, Bwanika claimed that David Lewis Rubongoya, NUP’s Secretary General, used funds contributed by MPs to finance social media campaigns against the Kabaka, strengthening Gen YK Museveni. He labeled Rubongoya as a mole planted by Museveni to spy on and weaken Bobi Wine and Buganda Kingdom.

Additionally, Bwanika asserted that Musisi represented a TikToker charged with defamation against the Kabaka, alleging a close association between Rubongoya and Musisi, hinting at a conspiracy to harm Buganda Kingdom.

Incensed by these accusations, Musisi has taken legal action against Bwanika, demanding an apology, retraction of the claims, and cessation of further defamation. However, Bwanika’s pride may hinder any compliance with these demands.

Bwanika’s attacks on Musisi could affect the latter’s electability in Mukono, prompting the legal retaliation. Moreover, Bwanika’s history of defaming political leaders on Kabaka’s CBS radio may draw disciplinary action from NUP, akin to Matthias Mpuuga’s recent sanctions.

As the legal battle unfolds, the repercussions of Bwanika’s allegations reverberate across political circles, highlighting the delicate balance between freedom of speech and accountability for defamation.


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