Songstress Vinka, celebrated for her melodious tunes, has opened up about the enchanting journey of how her husband, Nelly Witta, captured her heart.

Amidst her flourishing career with Swangz Avenue, she stands out as one of the rare musicians adeptly balancing both family life and music, a feat she has managed with commendable grace.


Their love story, however, wasn’t devoid of hurdles from the outset. It began amidst the glitz of Dubai, where fate orchestrated their meeting.

Initially, Vinka remained oblivious to Nelly’s affections, with her friend serving as the harbinger of his admiration, evident in his heartfelt gazes. Despite this, she dismissed his advances, citing a lack of interest and regard.

Yet, love’s persistent melody found its way to her heart through the sincerity of Nelly’s intentions, conveyed through a mutual acquaintance.

Time passed, marked by a three-year interlude, before Vinka’s heart relented to the symphony of affection that Nelly composed.

Their union blossomed, heralded by the joyous news of impending parenthood, culminating in a blissful kwanjula ceremony that sealed their bond as husband and wife.

Reflecting on their journey, Vinka fondly reminisces, “The story of how I met my husband is a dear one to me. We met in Dubai where I had gone for a show.

A friend of mine told me that he was in love with me but I brushed it off because I didn’t rate him. Later, through, my friend, he confessed but I dissed him still.

One, two, three years passed and I finally gave in. He did me well, I became pregnant and now I’m a mother. I love him so much.”

Amidst her personal triumphs, Vinka’s ascent in the music industry has been equally remarkable. Despite facing initial criticisms and body shaming, she has emerged as one of the nation’s most captivating vocalists, with her talent earning widespread acclaim. Her resilience in the face of adversity has been a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Moreover, Vinka stands as a beacon of inspiration for her peers in the industry, defying conventional expectations by embracing both familial bliss and musical pursuits.

While some may perceive marriage as a hindrance to career aspirations, she exemplifies that love knows no boundaries and that true fulfillment transcends societal norms.

In celebrating Vinka’s journey, we witness the harmonious convergence of love, talent, and perseverance, echoing a sentiment that resonates far beyond the realm of music.

Her narrative serves as a reminder that amidst life’s complexities, love remains the most beautiful melody, orchestrating serendipitous encounters and guiding hearts towards enduring happiness.


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