“GWE KIKAZI GWE TODAMU OKUMANYIIRA SHEEBAH” Bad Black Warns Cindy To Stop Attacking Sheebah Karungi

For quite some time, Cindy has been a prominent figure in the media, often seen engaging in verbal skirmishes with Sheebah Karungi. Despite the passage of time, she seems unable to let go of their feud.

In a surprising turn of events, Shanita Namuyibwa, also known as Bad Black, who recently regained her freedom after serving a prison sentence and now runs a successful business in Kandahar, has stepped forward to implore Cindy to cease her attacks on Sheebah Karungi.


Bad Black emphasizes the importance of Cindy redirecting her focus towards more constructive pursuits instead of perpetuating this feud every time she faces the media.

It appears that Bad Black, having experienced the consequences of being embroiled in controversy herself, understands the value of letting go of animosity and embracing positivity.

Her plea to Cindy carries weight, as it comes from someone who has undergone personal growth and transformation.

As fans and observers eagerly await Cindy’s response, Bad Black’s intervention serves as a reminder of the power of forgiveness and the potential for reconciliation, even in the midst of longstanding conflicts.


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