NSONGA ZA’BISIYAGA? Here is the real reason why Muna and Derrick broke up after 3 years of dating

After three years of captivating audiences with their love story on TikTok, the famous couple Muna and Derrick have called it quits. Their journey began in the UAE, where they both worked and shared their lives online through various challenges.

Muna, originally from Saudi Arabia, and Derrick, based in Dubai, found love amidst the social media frenzy. Muna transitioned from being a housemaid to living with Derrick and exploring different job opportunities together. Their bond grew stronger as they pursued their shared dream of relocating to developed countries.


Last year, they made the leap to the United States, amid speculation about their involvement in the LGBTQ community. Despite rumors, the couple maintained a united front on social media, portraying themselves as inseparable.

However, their relationship took an unexpected turn last week when they announced their breakup, leaving their followers stunned. Muna’s tearful posts flooded social media, while Derrick seemed to be celebrating his birthday in various countries.

In the aftermath, conflicting narratives emerged. Muna claimed Derrick ended the relationship abruptly, while Derrick alleged that Muna had been involved with other women, suggesting she was a lesbian.

As the dust settles on their public breakup, Derrick appears ready to embrace the next chapter of his life, while Muna grapples with the aftermath of their split.

Despite their love story coming to an end, the impact of Muna and Derrick’s relationship on social media will be remembered by their followers for years to come.


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