Zari Asks Diamond to Clarify if He’s Biological Dad of Hamisa’s Son

Zari Hassan, the renowned mother of five, recently captivated fans with her poised and professional response to questions posed by Tanzanian journalists.

When asked about her children not yet meeting their half-brother, Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Zari gracefully deflected, stating that Diamond Platnumz, their father, was the most appropriate person to address such inquiries.


Despite her children having met their other sibling, the son of Tanasha Donna, Zari expressed her willingness for her kids to interact with Hamisa’s son once Diamond Platnumz gives his approval.

In a poignant plea, Zari emphasized the importance of Diamond ensuring that all his children have the opportunity to know each other.

Zari Hassan’s dignified handling of the situation not only showcased her professionalism but also underscored her commitment to fostering positive relationships among her extended family.

Her words resonated deeply with fans, who praised her for her grace and maturity in navigating delicate family matters.


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