“BANA’MASAKA MWE MUNJAVUWAZA ELA MBAKOLIMIDDE” Lwasa Blames Masaka People For Dragging Him Into Poverty

Masaka-born businessman and socialite, Emmanuel Lwasa, has candidly opened up about his struggles and setbacks in his hometown, attributing his financial downfall to the perceived selfishness and envy of his fellow residents.

Lwasa lamented that despite his efforts to invest in the local economy and showcase prosperity, his ventures ultimately floundered, leaving him disillusioned and impoverished.


Renowned for his wealth and high-profile relationships, including those with celebrities like Desire Luzinda and Diana Nabatabzi, Lwasa’s personal life often garnered attention.

His discreet five-year relationship with Nabatanzi only became public following their breakup, shedding light on his private affairs.

In reflecting on the demise of his businesses in Masaka, Lwasa pointed to a pervasive resentment towards his success, particularly evident in social media displays. Despite his intentions to spur local development by establishing enterprises in his hometown, Lwasa now regrets this decision, lamenting the lack of profitability and the toll it has taken on his finances.

Expressing deep frustration, Lwasa decried the jealousy and lack of understanding among Masaka residents, questioning their grasp of development principles.

His disillusionment extends beyond business, as he had aspirations for political involvement, hindered by educational limitations that barred him from certain positions.

Emmanuel Lwasa’s journey has been marked by controversies, some leading to legal entanglements, and a brief marriage following his separation from Nabatanzi, which ended abruptly after a month.

Amidst these personal and professional challenges, his recent reflections offer insight into the complexities of fame, fortune, and hometown ties.


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