“SHEEBAH OWUNYA OMUSULO” Cindy Sanyu azeemu okulumba Sheebah

Renowned musician Cinderella Sanyu, famously known as Cindy, has been vocal about her disagreements with fellow singer Sheebah Karungi, often expressing her sentiments through pointed remarks.

Their ongoing feud has been marked by Cindy’s assertive stance and occasional offensive comments directed at the former TNS singer.

Cindy Sheebah

Cindy firmly believes that Sheebah should afford her more respect, citing her influence as a significant source of inspiration. Notably, Cindy has even asserted that she played a pivotal role in crafting Sheebah’s inaugural song, showcasing her enduring impact on her colleague’s career.

Despite the tension between them, Cindy approaches the situation with dignity and self-assurance, making her grievances known while maintaining her artistic integrity.

As both artists navigate the complexities of the music industry, their dynamic serves as a testament to the diverse personalities and perspectives within the entertainment sphere.


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