“She is a very good woman” Zari praises Zuchu

In the wake of recent turbulence between Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz, Zari Hassan has taken a moment to commend Zuchu, referring to her as a “very good girl.” This praise comes just weeks after a video surfaced showing the ex-couple holding hands, sparking controversy.

During a press conference where Zari was questioned about her relationship with Zuchu post-drama, she responded, “I speak to all of Diamond Platnumz’s women.


I speak to Tanasha Donna, I speak to Zuchu. Even when my kids go to Tanzania, I call Zuchu.” Zari emphasized the comfort her children feel when visiting Tanzania, thanks to Zuchu’s kindness and hospitality.

“She is a very nice girl. She is a really nice girl. And when my kids go to Tanzania, they are very comfortable,” Zari further remarked, highlighting the positive rapport between her children and Zuchu.

Zari stressed the importance of keeping Diamond’s partners informed when her children visit their father, stating, “Calling Zuchu is the right thing to do. If my kids are in Tanzania and I don’t do that, does that make sense?”

This sentiment comes after Zari previously characterized Diamond and Zuchu’s relationship as “on-and-off” during an interview in February.

She expressed skepticism regarding their relationship dynamics, noting Zuchu’s frequent departures from and returns to Diamond.

“Every week, Zuchu leaves Diamond and comes back to him like immediately. Their stories don’t add up. We all know they are in a relationship,”

Zari remarked during an interview with Millard Ayo. She further commented on the couple’s perceived confusion, suggesting their relationship is marked by instability.

“They are confused. Zuchu leaves every week and comes back next week. Their camp has problems. Every week, since last year, Zuchu has been leaving Diamond Platnumz.

Zuchu is always leaving and it has nothing to do with me,” Zari added, shedding light on the ongoing turbulence within the couple’s relationship.

Despite her previous remarks, Zari’s recent praise for Zuchu underscores a nuanced perspective, acknowledging Zuchu’s positive qualities amidst the public drama surrounding her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.


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