BAMBI JOZE CHAMELEONE ALI MMAZIGA, Daniella Atim amaze nakitela ddala

After 17 years of marriage, Daniella Atim has bravely declared herself single, marking the end of her union with the renowned singer, Joseph Mayanja, famously known as Jose Chameleone.

Their journey began with a vibrant ceremony on June 7th, 2007, culminating in the birth of five children.

Despite their public image, Daniella and Chameleone faced undisclosed challenges, masked from the public eye. In 2017, Daniella sought refuge at Sipapa’s home, briefly leaving Chameleone’s side, citing brutality.


Although they managed to reconcile, Daniella and her children relocated to the USA in February 2019, supported by Chameleone’s significant investment in a mansion in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

However, signs of discord surfaced as Daniella subtly hinted at her separation from Chameleone through cryptic social media posts and audio clips.

In September 2020, an audio clip circulated featuring Daniella stating her disassociation from Chameleone, viewing him solely as a brother.

Further revelations emerged in October 2023, with Daniella attributing her departure to Chameleone’s alcoholism and erratic behavior.

In an emotional statement, Daniella expressed her respect for Chameleone as a father but emphasized the finality of their romantic relationship. She announced her plans to build her own home in Uganda, signaling a definitive end to their union.

Despite Chameleone’s attempts to reconcile, Daniella today took to Instagram to declare her status as a single mother, citing her liberation from domestic violence.

Her post exuded resilience and optimism, as she embraced her newfound independence while advocating against domestic abuse. Daniella’s transformation was evident, radiating vitality and contentment since her relocation to the US.

In her journey towards healing, Daniella exemplifies strength and courage, inspiring others to break free from toxic relationships and prioritize self-care.

As Daniella flourishes in her new life, her story serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating the transformative power of resilience and self-love.


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