Dianah Nabatanzi reveals her feelings about men who ain’t good in bed

In a recent media interaction, it was disclosed that a five-year-long relationship between an unnamed individual and Dianah Nabatanzi had come to light.

Allegedly, the partner had devoted significant efforts, from renting a house for her to supporting her business endeavors.


However, Nabatanzi remained tight-lipped about these assertions, refraining from commenting on both the relationship and the claims made. Instead, she has been vocal about relationships during her discussions on love shows alongside other women.

In a recent instance, Nabatanzi expressed frustration towards men who criticize women’s abilities in bed while neglecting their own shortcomings.

She highlighted the need to address these issues openly and without fear, asserting that some men are lacking in this aspect.

Speaking out against the tendency to blame women for relationship failures and intimate issues, Nabatanzi emphasized the importance of acknowledging men’s shortcomings as well. She vowed to confront this issue head-on, regardless of potential repercussions.

“In discussions surrounding breakups and sexual performance, there’s often a disproportionate focus on women’s perceived inadequacies,” Nabatanzi stated.

“It’s time to shine a light on the other side of the coin and address the reality that some men are also lacking in this area. I’m prepared to initiate these conversations and see where they lead.”

Nabatanzi’s bold stance serves as a reminder of the importance of balanced discourse and challenging societal norms that perpetuate unequal expectations in relationships.


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