Zari Hassan addresses Hamisa Mobetto’s son paternity

Zari Hassan, renowned as the mother of Diamond Platnumz’ two children, recently opened up about the reasons behind her children’s limited social interaction with Hamisa Mobetto’s son.

In a recent interview, Zari shared that she awaits confirmation from Diamond himself regarding the paternity of Hamisa’s child before encouraging their interaction.


When questioned about the absence of Hamisa’s son in gatherings with Zari’s children, she stressed the significance of Diamond’s acknowledgment.

Zari stated, “Diamond himself will explain if that child is his or not, but for me, I don’t know.”

She reiterated her willingness to embrace Hamisa’s son if Diamond confirms his paternity.

“If he tells me this is my child and I want him to know the rest, I will welcome him until then, there’s no formal communication so I don’t know about it.”

Diamond and Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dylan, was born during Diamond’s relationship with Zari, resulting in persistent tensions between Hamisa and Zari.

In a past interview, Hamisa addressed the issue of her son’s paternity, expressing reluctance to delve further into the matter due to her son’s young age.

She emphasized the importance of shielding his mental well-being from online discussions.

“That does not need an explanation, naamini kinachoeleweka hakihitaji maelezo, and sidhani pia kama inakitu kingine cha kujielezea nadhani muda wa kujielezea usha pita.”

Regarding her relationship with Diamond’s other women, Zari spoke positively about Zuchu, describing her as a “very good girl.”

She underscored the necessity of maintaining communication with Diamond’s partners for the well-being of her children.

“I speak to all Diamond Platnumz’s women. I speak to Tanasha Donna, I speak to Zuchu. Even when my kids go to Tanzania, I call Zuchu,” Zari revealed.

She emphasized the importance of informing Diamond’s partners when her children visit their father in Tanzania, ensuring their comfort and safety.

Currently in Tanzania for a business trip, Zari Hassan navigates the complexities of family dynamics with grace and thoughtfulness.


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