Reason why Faridah Nakazibwe Left Uganda To Canada

Over the recent weekend, social media platforms were inundated with images of former Media Personality Faridah Nakazibwe, sparking widespread speculation about her whereabouts and intentions.

Some claimed she had relocated to Canada in pursuit of better opportunities, while others insisted she had journeyed there to give birth.


Despite the absence of concrete evidence, conjecture about Nakazibwe’s pregnancy has been rife among Ugandans for several months, fueling theories about her sudden departure from the Nation Media Group.

As a prominent news anchor and host of a popular morning talk show, Nakazibwe’s abrupt disappearance from the airwaves left many puzzled, with her time slots swiftly filled by new faces.

Following the emergence of photos depicting her at Entebbe International Airport, a fresh wave of rumors has emerged, suggesting that she either migrated to Canada or departed for the purpose of childbirth.

Nakazibwe has remained tight-lipped regarding these speculations, opting instead to share a video clip on her social media account showcasing the familiar Kampala – Entebbe Express Highway, a route synonymous with travel to the airport.

The mystery surrounding Nakazibwe’s actions and plans continues to captivate the public imagination, with eager observers eagerly awaiting any official statement or clarification from the esteemed media figure.


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