“BOBI WINE MWANA MUTO NE’BYAKOLA TABITEGEELA” Mathias Mpuuga Reveals After Sacking Him As NUP Buganda Vice President

In the wake of his suspension from the National Unity Platform (NUP) vice president role, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga offers insights into the current state of affairs within the opposition party, characterizing its leader, Robert Kyagulanyi, as besieged and in need of support.

Mpuuga’s suspension follows a letter from Kyagulanyi on March 27, 2024, citing alleged misconduct involving the allocation of funds totaling 1.7BN for service awards, alongside other MPs on the Parliamentary Commission. This move, initiated by Kyagulanyi and other NUP leaders, stems from principles against corruption.


In his response, Mpuuga extends empathy towards Kyagulanyi while expressing uncertainty about how to assist him. He interprets Kyagulanyi’s actions as those of an individual in desperate need of aid, amidst what he perceives as a siege.

Addressing Kyagulanyi directly in a letter, Mpuuga acknowledges the circulating document purportedly signed by him, expressing sympathy for the challenging circumstances.

He highlights the difficulty in providing support or finding a way out of the current situation, given the circumstances outlined in the document.

Mpuuga pledges to consult with the party’s members to navigate through the turmoil. Despite the challenges, he reiterates his commitment to serving both the party and the country.

In his role as Commissioner of Parliament, Mpuuga stands amidst uncertainty, navigating a delicate balance between loyalty to the party and his principles, while also acknowledging the need for clarity and resolution in the face of internal strife.


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