Princess Katrina Sangalyambogo Spotted Enjoying Davido’s ‘Timeless Concert’

Nigerian music sensation Davido graced the stage at the Timeless concert in Uganda yesterday, delivering a performance that left audiences spellbound.

Anticipation was high prior to his appearance, given previous delays, leading to concerns among fans and promoters alike. However, Davido defied expectations, arriving later than scheduled but ready to captivate the crowd.

His presence electrified the venue, with Ugandan fans eagerly embracing his every move. Even Princess Katrina Sangalyambogo of Buganda, residing in the UK, made a surprise appearance, adding to the excitement of the event.

Media outlets captured the moment, and footage of Princess Katrina’s unexpected attendance quickly went viral. Known for her social media presence and TikTok fame, her appearance at a local concert was a delightful surprise for many.

While Princess Katrina typically keeps a low profile, her love for music, evident on her social platforms, was on full display at the concert.


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