“Mzee Mayanja told me to stay away from his family” Clever J Reveals Why He Didn’t Attend Humphrey Mayanja’s Burial

Renowned singer Clever J has recently opened up about his absence at the burial of his cousin brother, Humphrey Mayanja, shedding light on the underlying family dynamics that led to his decision. Humphrey was laid to rest in Kalangalo, Mityana, amid the presence of numerous celebrities and well-wishers, yet the Manzi WaNani artist was notably absent.

In an interview, Clever J disclosed that familial rifts, particularly with his uncle Mzee Gerald Mayanja, prompted his non-attendance. He revealed that Mzee Mayanja had explicitly advised him to steer clear of family affairs, a sentiment echoed by their absence at Clever J’s mother’s funeral.


Faced with this estrangement and the potential for uncomfortable encounters, Clever J opted to honor the wishes of his elder and remain distant.

The singer’s upbringing within the Mayanja household underscores the deep familial ties, evident even without formal confirmation. Despite his early connections, Clever J’s career trajectory led him down a path of success as a musician, albeit marked by subsequent setbacks.

Following a downturn in his career, Clever J made accusations against Dr. Jose Chameleone, alleging witchcraft and straining relations with the Mayanja family. Though attempts at reconciliation were made, the breach of trust proved insurmountable, leaving Clever J at odds with his relatives.

Through his music, Clever J has expressed the complexities of familial discord, urging reconciliation in the face of irreconcilable differences. Yet, the scars of mistrust linger, leaving the singer to navigate his familial ties with caution and resolve.


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