BIZUUSE!! Eddy Kenzo ne Minister Nyamutooro bazaalada omwaana Omulenzi bategese nembaga ya buwumbi

In an exclusive scoop by the Daily Monitor’s gossip section, it has been unveiled that Ugandan music sensation Eddie Kenzo has been clandestinely involved with the recently appointed Minister Phiona Nyamutoro for a duration much longer than anticipated.

Notably, the report discloses that the duo shares a child, a boy named Musuza, born on February 2nd of this year, a fact previously unknown to the public.


Sources suggest that Kenzo has been residing with Nyamutoro since the birth of their son, though their relationship remains unofficial.

Furthermore, Mulengera News has reported Nyamutoro’s intention to tie the knot with Kenzo before the 2026 elections, where she aspires to contest for the Nebbi Woman MP position. Despite these revelations, both parties have remained tight-lipped regarding the nature of their association.

Recently, Kenzo hinted at his paternal responsibilities during an appearance on BBS TV, acknowledging additional children besides his daughters, Maya and Aamal, without delving into specifics.

It is widely believed that he was alluding to Musuza, the child he shares with Nyamutoro, who has been publicly acknowledged by her, including during her inauguration as Minister.

However, amidst swirling rumors, Nyamutooro has vehemently denied any romantic involvement with Kenzo. In an interview, she clarified that they are merely friends with a long-standing acquaintance predating her political career.

“I can’t confirm that Eddy Kenzo is my boyfriend, but I know him,” she asserted, urging the public to desist from spreading baseless gossip and respect their privacy.

Nyamutooro emphasized her commitment to her constituents and her dedication to championing the cause of musicians, dismissing the rumors as distractions from her legislative duties.

As speculation continues to mount, both Kenzo and Nyamutooro strive to maintain their professional integrity amidst the scrutiny of public opinion.


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