I will unite with Bobi Wine one day – Bebe Cool

Once close friends, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool’s bond took a different turn as envy crept in, leading them down separate musical paths.

While Bobi Wine stayed with the Firebase crew, Bebe Cool established the Gagamel crew, marking the inception of a competitive rivalry between the Kamwokya-based group and Gagamel.


Their rivalry has persisted throughout the years, intensifying as Bobi Wine transitioned into active politics, a move that further strained their relationship.

Despite the animosity, Bebe Cool expresses hope for reconciliation, envisioning a day when the two will set aside their differences and reunite.

In their journey from camaraderie to competition, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool’s story embodies the complexities of friendship and ambition in the world of music.


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