“NZE SIRI mARAYIKA” Chameleone Speaks Out On Daniela’s Domestic Violence Comments

Earlier this week, Daniella Atim made a poignant announcement, marking the official end of her 17-year marriage with the renowned singer Joseph Mayanja, famously known as Jose Chameleone.

In a candid revelation, Daniella disclosed enduring domestic violence for sixteen long years at the hands of Jose Chameleone.


“Five years ago, I made the courageous decision to seek asylum in the US, escaping from various challenges, including domestic violence. Today, I stand as a single mother, raising my children independently.

Despite the gravity of the passing years, I choose to embrace life anew, focusing on my personal healing journey. I am a beautiful work in progress, and I advocate vehemently against domestic violence,” expressed Daniella Atim in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Responding to Daniella’s remarks, the legendary musician addressed the matter in an interview with BBS Terefayina, acknowledging his fallibility as a human being. “I am not an angel; I make mistakes,” he conceded.

Chameleone further shared his feelings of hurt in light of Daniella’s comments. However, he emphasized his unwavering dedication to his music career and the paramount responsibility of caring for his children.

Daniella Atim’s courageous stance against domestic violence serves as a beacon of inspiration for many navigating similar challenges. Her journey of liberation highlights the resilience and strength inherent in reclaiming one’s life and advocating for change.


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