“TEMUMANYIIRA” Patricia Sitya Loss Speaks Out On Viral Video Of Her Kissing Singer Victor Ruz

The recent release of an intimate video featuring Triplets Ghetto Kids dancer Patricia Sitya Loss and singer Victor Ruz has caused quite a stir on social media.

People were taken by surprise, as no one had ever imagined that the two were dating. However, a video of them sharing a passionate kiss in a car confirmed the rumors.


In response to the numerous comments and criticisms, Patricia took to her social media to question her critics. She wondered if

In contrast, the dancer has been romantically linked to CB Talker, a TikToker, due to their portrayal as an on-screen couple. However, Victor Ruz has not yet addressed the leaked video, which was allegedly stolen from his phone.

Patricia and the Victor Ruz had never been spotted before together. However, through their social media activity, they have been referring to each other as brother and sister.

Taking to her social media, Patricia said that it’s unbelievable how kissing someone makes news in Uganda. Besides, she’s 20 years old, an adult and can therefore do as she pleases.

Well, most people couldn’t believe that she’s already getting intimate. This is because everyone has seen her grow from a very little girl into a now celebrated young woman.


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