Daniella Atim Finally Reveals Chameleone’s mom Proscovia Musoke is a bad person

In a poignant revelation, Daniella Atim, the wife of renowned singer Dr. Jose Chameleone, has opened up about her tumultuous relationship with her mother-in-law, Prossy Mayanja, and her journey toward reclaiming her life and happiness.

For years, Daniella endured mental anguish at the hands of her mother-in-law, who consistently belittled her. However, she has finally broken free from the chains of negativity and toxicity.


Taking to her Instagram account, Daniella expressed her newfound freedom, declaring her decision to leave the country with her five children. It’s a symbolic gesture of independence and a fresh start away from the toxicity she endured.

Reflecting on her past struggles, Daniella recalled the dark days leading up to her 35th birthday in 2018. Faced with bitterness, desperation, and anger, she found herself on the brink of collapse. With just four suitcases and five children, including an infant, she embarked on a journey to rebuild her life.

During this tumultuous period, Daniella’s health deteriorated, with her weight plummeting to a perilously low 46 kilograms. Despite the physical and emotional toll, she persevered, navigating the uncertainties of life in a foreign land.

As time passed, Daniella found solace in the simple joys of life, relishing the restful sleep she had long been deprived of. Gradually, her health improved, and her spirit began to brighten.

Fast forward to February 2024, and Daniella received a surprising diagnosis: she was now considered overweight, weighing in at 81 kilograms. Rather than lamenting her newfound curves, she embraced them as a symbol of her resilience and self-acceptance.

When her son suggested hitting the gym to shed the excess weight, Daniella defiantly refused. Instead, she reveled in her newfound confidence, proudly flaunting her curves. It was a defiant message to her ex-mother-in-law, who had once criticized her appearance with hurtful remarks.

In reclaiming her body and her happiness, Daniella Atim embodies the spirit of resilience and self-love. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of prioritizing one’s well-being above toxic relationships.

“I told him no way I was planning to cut weight because I mean I had not only gained weight but I had also gained a nyash and my chest was full …. I loved it. And my petty self also wanted to send a message to my ex MIL because she always said ” kakazi ka Josef tekanyuma mugomesi, kakazi katini nyo ttekajuza Gomesi bulunji.”


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