“I Am Nolonger Hiding, Minister Nyamutooro Is My Beautiful Wife” Singer Eddy Kenzo Confirms

Eddy Kenzo, known for his musical prowess, and the recently appointed Minister for Minerals, Hon. Phiona Nyamutoro, have finally stepped into the limelight as the newest couple in town.

After initially evading public acknowledgment of their relationship, Kenzo has now openly confirmed their romantic involvement.


The revelation came in a heartwarming moment captured on video, where Kenzo’s friends, during a football game, presented him with a special gift—a jersey.

Graciously accepting the gesture, Kenzo took the opportunity to unveil the long-guarded secret to his companions, attributing the gift to a close friend in honor of his wife’s ministerial appointment.

Amidst speculations circulating in Kampala streets, their close bond became undeniable, particularly after Kenzo escorted Nyamutoro during her swearing-in ceremony as the Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development.

Delving into their shared history, it becomes evident that their connection runs deep. Nyamutoro, even in her previous role as a legislator, actively supported Kenzo’s endeavors, notably organizing a successful event where he performed.

Their companionship is now a frequent sight, captured by cameras as they walk side by side. Kenzo’s public references to Nyamutoro as his wife further solidify their relationship.

Nyamutoro’s professional contributions, including presenting legislation in Parliament, reflect a partnership extending beyond personal affairs.

For Kenzo, who has endured public scrutiny over past relationships, finding love with Nyamutoro signifies a new chapter—one marked by mutual respect and support. As they navigate this journey together, their union symbolizes a blending of talent, passion, and commitment, making them a formidable duo both in love and in their respective fields.


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