My engagement ring purchase was the only ‘imperfection’ – Barbie recalls engagement night

Barbie Kyagulanyi and Robert Kyagulanyi, affectionately known as Bobi Wine, are basking in the glow of 12 years of marriage. To mark this significant milestone, they’ve decided to share a special place with the public, a spot that holds dear memories from their journey together.

Clad in white glam, the couple celebrated their anniversary at One Love Beach, where Barbie reminisced about their engagement night, revealing a surprising detail about her ring.


In a heartfelt message, Barbie expressed gratitude for a wedding that surpassed her wildest dreams. “Today, on our 12th wedding anniversary, I want to thank you for the wedding I never imagined,” she wrote to her husband.

“Thank you for choosing to unite us before God, for pledging to grow old with me. I know that as time passes, the memories of our wedding day will remain etched in my heart. Happy Anniversary, Babe. I love you most.”

As part of their celebrations, the couple designated the spot where Bobi Wine proposed as a special location for other couples to commemorate their own relationship milestones.

“Dear lovers, we’ve chosen to mark the spot where @bobiwine proposed to me ❤️🫶🏽!” Barbie shared. “This spot/Photo Booth is open for you to reserve for your wedding vows, anniversaries, showers, and dinners. It’s officially launched.”

Reflecting on the magical night of their engagement, Barbie described it as the beginning of their forever, with the moonlit waters of the beach serving as a backdrop to their love story.

However, what made the moment even more memorable was the origin of her engagement ring – a spontaneous purchase from a pawn shop in South Africa by Bobi Wine. Despite the unconventional source, the ring symbolized their commitment and love for each other.

“We’ve built a photo booth at the very spot where he told me the story of how he bought my engagement ring from a random shop in South Africa 😂😅,” Barbie revealed.

“With the ring on my finger, we sat at this spot at @onelovebeach, watching the water waves and the moonlight reflecting on them, as we began planning our wedding.”

For Barbie, Bobi Wine’s humorous quirks have always been a cherished part of their love story. “When I prayed for a husband in Secondary Five, I listed down many qualities. You possess them all!

But what I didn’t anticipate was how funny my man would be!” she exclaimed. “Babe, your sense of humor brightens even the darkest moments. I appreciate you for that.”


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