“NWAGI MPA OMWANA WANGE” Bizzy Nateete alumbye Winnie Nwagi nga amusaba omwawe

The quietude of Winnie Nwagi’s household was shattered yesterday as Bizzy Nateete made a bold appearance, demanding to see his child.

A video capturing the tense exchange between the two has since gone viral on social media, shedding light on a tumultuous situation that has been brewing beneath the surface.


Amidst the heated confrontation, the repeated refrain of the gateman – “Didn’t Nwagi tell you never to come back here?” – suggests that this isn’t the first time Nateete has sought access to his child. His persistence hints at a deeper, unresolved issue that has now spilled into the public domain.

Taking to his Facebook account following the altercation, Bizzy Nateete poured his heart out in a poignant post, recounting a past love story with Winnie Nwagi, also known as Mamy Destiny. He reminisced about their shared journey, from the tender beginnings of their romance to the joyous arrival of their daughter, Destiny Mirembe.

However, Nateete revealed a painful truth: despite his initial involvement in his daughter’s life, Nwagi had allegedly denied him access to the child. His plea on social media was not to wrest the child away from her mother, but rather to be granted the simple right to be a part of his daughter’s life.

“ALL I WANT IS TO HAVE ACCESS TO MY DAUGHTER, THAT’S IT,” he emphasized, underscoring the core of his heartfelt appeal.

The response from Winnie Nwagi to Nateete’s public revelation remains uncertain. Despite repeated inquiries about the identity of her child’s father, Nwagi has steadfastly kept silent, exhibiting a palpable aversion towards discussing the matter.

In interviews, she has even displayed defiance, asserting her readiness to confront any legal challenges that may arise.

Winnie Nwagi, renowned as a fiery Ugandan musician, is no stranger to controversy. However, amidst the glare of the public spotlight, the personal struggles and emotions of those involved deserve compassion and understanding.

As this private drama unfolds on a public stage, may it serve as a reminder of the complexities of human relationships, and the importance of empathy in the face of adversity.


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