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Phionah Nyamutoro, Uganda’s junior minister overseeing minerals, finds herself in a fortunate position. Not only does she command the attention of President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, but she also enjoys the affection of BET award winner Edirisa Musuuza, known as Eddy Kenzo.

Prior to March 22, Nyamutoro remained largely unknown to many Ugandans who paid little heed to the country’s expansive Parliament.


Presently serving as the Female National Youth MP under President Museveni’s National Resistance Movement (NRM), Nyamutoro’s fortunes took a significant turn when Museveni appointed her as Minister of State for Minerals at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development.

During her swearing-in ceremony, Nyamutoro was accompanied by Eddy Kenzo, prompting President Museveni to inquire about their relationship.

Subsequently, Kenzo revealed their romantic involvement spanning several years, with the revelation of a child blessing their union.

Further evidence emerged through photographs depicting Nyamutoro’s previous association with Kenzo’s marketing endeavors.

Recently, images surfaced featuring Eddy Kenzo and Nyamutoro adorned in matching jackets, fueling speculation about their relationship.

Nyamutoro has captured not only Eddy Kenzo’s attention but also that of the President himself.

Her address at the April 12 inauguration of a tin refinery in Mbarara City garnered significant attention from Museveni, who attended alongside his daughter.

Nyamutoro’s speech underscored the significance of the refinery’s launch in realizing President Museveni’s visionary leadership, urging young people to equip themselves with the necessary skills to seize such opportunities.

The refinery boasts a production capacity exceeding 1,000 tonnes of London Metal Exchange (‘LME’) Grade A tin metal. Operated by Woodcross Resources, the company manages the Ruhama mine (ML1466), a 40km2 mining license in Uganda’s southwestern district of Ntungamo.

Ugandans have been engaged in discussions, praising Nyamutoro’s eloquence and drawing comparisons with Eddy Kenzo’s former partner, Remah Namakula.


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