“Enough Is Enough , Arrest Whoever Is Abusing And Spreading False Information About Me On Social Media” Speaker Anitah Among Calls for Action Against Misuse of Social Media

Speaker Anitah Among has voiced concerns over the increasing misuse of social media platforms and has urged the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to take decisive action against those spreading fake and harmful information.

Her statement comes in response to a malicious online article that falsely claimed she had criticized Minister David Bahati, accusing him of incompetence in resolving a standoff with traders.


In her address, Speaker Among emphasized the detrimental impact of false information circulating on social media platforms. She stressed the need for regulatory measures to address the spread of misinformation, which can lead to confusion, mistrust, and even social unrest.

The Speaker underscored the importance of upholding journalistic standards and ensuring accountability for those who engage in the dissemination of false and malicious content.

The malicious online article alleging Speaker Among’s criticism of Minister Bahati reflects a broader trend of misinformation and disinformation prevalent in today’s digital age. False narratives and fabricated stories can spread rapidly through social media networks, often without verification or fact-checking.

This not only undermines public trust in institutions and individuals but also poses significant challenges to maintaining a well-informed and cohesive society.

Speaker Among’s call for action from the Uganda Communications Commission signals a recognition of the regulatory body’s role in addressing the proliferation of fake news and malicious content online.

As the authority responsible for overseeing communication networks and services in Uganda, the UCC plays a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity of information disseminated through various media channels, including social media platforms.

In response to Speaker Among’s concerns, the Uganda Communications Commission has reiterated its commitment to combating the spread of false information online.

On its website, the Commission acknowledges the ongoing importance of promoting responsible communication practices and ensuring that social media platforms are not misused to propagate harmful or misleading content.

The UCC has in the past pledged to work closely with relevant stakeholders to develop and implement strategies aimed at curbing the dissemination of fake news and promoting digital literacy among the public.


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