Bruno K Reveals Why He’s Ladies Man After Unveiling his Official Girlfriend Posha from Western Uganda

Struggling singer Bruno Kiggundu, popularly known as Bruno K, has opened up about his reputation as a ladies’ man after unveiling his new girlfriend.

Taking to his social media pages, the singer introduced Posha, a fellow music artist from western Uganda, as his new partner. Posha is already pregnant, which aligns with the singer’s well-known lifestyle.



Discussing his relationships and the numerous women associated with him, Bruno explained that most of them are his fans who simply admire him. He added that many men face similar situations, but his encounters with women are more publicized.

Furthermore, Bruno declared that he is now in love and intends to stay away from scandals. He introduced his new girlfriend to the public to make it clear that he, too, has found love.

When asked about his children, Bruno K stated, “A Muganda man doesn’t disclose how many kids he has.” However, he confirmed that he has no more than four children, despite rumors suggesting otherwise.

“I am considered a ladies’ man because women love my music. Now, I have a girlfriend named Posha, a musician from western Uganda, and I’ve decided to introduce her publicly.

For those who claimed to be in love with me, I am now off the market. As for my children, they are not more than four, contrary to what the rumors suggest,” he explained.

Bruno K has been involved in more scandals, pregnancies, and children than he has released hit songs in recent years.

Regarding his music, which has been less prominent, Bruno mentioned that he is back to releasing new music after winning his court case against Black Market Records.


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